Why do some people never seem to get ill?

What is the best way to preventively influence your health? The answer is to eat the right mixture of fruit and vegetables since 70% of our immune system is in our guts. If you eat 500 grams of fruit and vegetables every day you actively stimulate this system. That’s where MiFood can help.

How do we consume 500 grams?

MiFood’s goal is to turn fruit and vegetables into innovative vegetable, fruit, and mixed products in which as much of the healthy goodness – like vitamins, minerals, protein, fibres, and antioxidants – as possible is retained. All of this is carried out in Nutritional Concepts Lab in Venlo. The machines in this Lab utilize a unique technology that allows fruit and vegetables to be processed in such a way that all the valuable ingredients are retained. Only the water is removed. The concentrate that is produced can be used for products like pearls, croutons, and crisps. 

These products are scientifically tested to identify which mixture works best for each person. The efficacy of each product is verified, as people react differently to the same food.

Smart mixes

Since vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are largely retained, MiFood creates smart mixes to help consumers eat the optimal 500 grams of fruit and vegetables every day. These mixes can be enjoyed as a supplement to normal meals. 

Delicious, nutritious, natural, and affordable — these are the key criteria for MiFood. 

MiFood helps people grow older in good health

MiFood’s aim is to produce food based on fruit and vegetables and where there can be a direct link with individual health.

The founders and specialists at MiFood understand how busy lifestyles often hinder healthy eating. That’s why they established MiFood, to help busy mothers with young children, fathers with demanding jobs, and grandparents stay and grow older in good health. 


MiFood’s aim is to create the optimum mix to help improve the health of conscious consumers, with combinations scientifically analysed to help create the best food combination for each and every person. 

MiFood wants to ensure that products are accessible and affordable to as many consumers as possible by adhering to the DNNA principle. 



Most importantly, the products need to be tasty


They are made from natural products


The products contain plenty of nutritional value


To ensure that they are accessible to everyone, the products need to be affordable for a large number of consumers

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